Simple Essay Tips for College Admission Applications

It is important for every potential student to remember one thing before starting their college admission essays. That one thing is that every college gets hundreds, if not thousands, of essays and it is their job to find the ones that stand out. An essay must be unique, well written and interesting. Lets learn about a few simple essay tips to remember when applying for colleges.

When determining exactly what it is that you wish to convey to your reader take into account the following:

  • It should be personal.
  • It should have vivid detail.
  • It should have specific examples.
  • It should include some humor.
  • It should be interesting, try very hard not to bore your reader.
  • As with any simple essay tip list, here are the things that the writer should not do:
  • Dont allow your essay to read like a resume.
  • Dont revisit things that youve already stated on your application, be creative.
  • Dont make your essay too dry. This means you must liven it up. Spend time on those vivid details, funny life lessons and worthwhile events.

Dont make your essay too broad. There should be a clear focus. By incorporating too much of everything you can think of, instead of picking the highlights, you may inadvertently water down your essay. Keep your direction centered on the main points of interest and avoid rambling.
Stay away from predictability! Liven up your words, and tell a useful story. Boring your reader is never a good thing.

Dont tell the reader what you think that they might want to hear. They have heard the personal dedication and making the world a better place speech. They are looking for something more unique.

Dont be redundant. This simple essay tip is vital. It is okay to use the thesaurus to change repeated words but dont overly use them. Your essay should be natural and flow properly.

A Few More Tips to Consider

Of course there are also the normal essay tips such as:

An introduction to an essay must be clear and concise. It must capture your essay theme or point of view. If the reader can not tell, in some detail, by the first paragraph alone what your essay is about then it should be revised.

Essay length may or may not matter. Remember it is better to give more than less. If there is no requirement that doesnt mean that you should skimp on the overall text. Dont go less than a 250 word essay, spend some time on creating a suitable length.

So, there you have it. These are just a few simple essay tips to help you get into your ideal college. While these may help you in formulating your essay it is still up to you to make sure that it gets done right. With your creativity and enthusiasm you can achieve success during the admission application process. Be original and personal and your reader will enjoy the essay. Yours must stand out and be different in order to be chosen.

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