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An Essay on Leadership Most people want to write an essay that will impact the reader. When you research essay topics, hopefully you will come up with something that will interest and teach the reader at the same time. One of those compelling topics is the subject today. Leadership is defined as the ability to lead others toward a chosen goal. The best leaders are those who inspire others to follow them. In the military, officers are automatically followed, due to their rank. Its a matter more of courtesy and necessity than personality. However, personalities play a big part in military leaders. Defined goals, clear orders and the willingness to take responsibility are the marks of a good leader, but in the military and civilian realms. This makes an essay on leadership an interesting choice.

History is replete with leaders of all sorts. From the heroes of the Bible like Daniel as he faced the lions to David as he fought Goliath, their heroism was the basis for their leadership. Their bravery and faith inspired others to follow their example. Jesus Christ was the best example of leadership, because his followers were voluntary and after two thousand years he still leads millions of people.

Another example of leadership is a person who stands for something that others agree with. General Robert E. Lee was both a military leader and inspired followers who believed in states rights above the federal government. General Ulysses Grant was a leader on the other side and inspired his followers because they agreed with him that the federal government should be in charge. Both men literally led their armies, riding into battle and sharing the hardships with their troops. Strong leadership was a quality they both shared.

Other leaders have gotten into their position due to enthusiastic speeches and self promotion. An essay on leadership does not always have to show the great side of the role, it can also encompass the horrible tragedies as well. Adolph Hitler is a prime example of this sort of leadership. He was able to take over Germany on the promise of repairing the sinking economy. World War One had left Germany in a shambles and his promise to raise them back to power and prosperity appealed to the masses. Incrementally, he was able to assume complete control, turning В«leadershipВ» into В«ownershipВ», and left Germany worse off than before he took command.

Some in leadership are born into it. There have been kings all through history who were leaders simply due to their parentage. Not all were wise or accomplished leaders. Some destroyed their countries and some prospered. History is loaded with examples of royalty and their leadership. Depending on essay length, an essay on leadership can be about one situation or it can be incorporate both the good and the bad in history. It would be perfect for an analytical essay.

In todays world, leaders are necessary as they have always been. In an emergency, most people dont know what to do. They panic, fall apart, freeze up or dissolve into hysterics. A life and death situation, such as an airplane crash or earthquake will bring forth leaders from the most unlikely people. Knowing what to do, how to escape and remain calm are the most important factors. From the fictional В«Poseidon AdventureВ» to the terrible reality of September 11, 2001, there were those who led the way to safety and enabled survivors to escape.

Information on particular leaders is easily available in movies, on television, in books (both factual and fiction), and in our own lives. Think of the people you trust to lead you. How do they do it? Is it with courage and confidence? Do they inspire you to follow them? Or drag you along behind them, unwilling? The essence of an essay on leadership is at your fingertips. Perhaps you might be a leader and not even realize i¦

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